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About Us

                                                           From Our Family to Yours...

      Relating to the needs of area families takes a special kind of understanding; one which is nurtured over years of knowing what is most important. At FIESER FUNERAL HOME,  our understanding of family care comes from three generations working together, growing up with our community, and responding to each family's needs as if they were our own. We are committed to total care, from our family to yours.

 Leo Fieser Sr. created Fieser Funeral Home in 1953, he was joined by his son Glen in 1968. When Leo passed in 1986. Glen ran the Funeral home till his passing in 2012. His son Jeremy Fieser is now the 3rd generation Fieser proudly serving the Community.


Fieser Funeral Home takes the total care approach. Their fully licensed staff is available 24 hours a day and coordinates all aspects of the services with total compassion and care. Serving all faiths, a wide range of options is available, including memorial ceremonies, cremation or traditional burial services and funeral pre-planning.

 Recently, a growing number of people have started pre-planning their own funerals, ensuring their wishes are fulfilled. Planning ahead can take some of the emotional, financial and decision-making burden off of family you will leave behind. It also allows you to better organize your estate to avoid any unnecessary legal and family problems. If you have an interest, Fieser Funeral Home can walk you through the steps of pre-planning. 

  Growing up in the area, it feels good to be able to serve the local communities and be there for those who were there for me growing up, says Jeremy Fieser. Fieser Funeral Home has built a 60-year tradition of serving the communities they call home.


 Funeral Directors

  Myron Post 

  Jeremy Fieser 

  Leo H. Fieser Sr. (1900-1986)

  Glen E. Fieser (1950-2012)

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